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Need to expand?

Many of the clients we work with have similar experiences that are often an incentive for them to embark on an extension project

Does this feel familiar?

  • Your home is becoming too small with no storage or privacy
  • You work from home and do not have dedicated space
  • You find it challenging to have friends or family to visit or stay
  • Uncertain that the cost of extending will add value to your home
  • You want a home that  suits your particular lifestyle
  • Worried about extending your home in a modern way without spoiling the character of your period property

Tailoring the solution to you

We can deliver stunning, contemporary designs for inspirational and sustainable large scale extensions and renovation projects to existing detached homes. We’ll create architectural concept designs, and detailed designs if planning permission is required, to accommodate your changing living needs. Sustainable living and environmentally friendly materials are at the forefront of our minds.

Here’s what you will benefit from:

  •  A stress-free process that will reduce the risk of project cost and time over-runs 
  • A home that is energy efficient and economic to run
  • Good, modern design that will deliver 10-15% more value on your property
  • A 'hands-off' planning process that will navigate the system for you
  • More space for your changing lifestyle
  • Comfort knowing you can stay and transform the place you love
  • Healthy materials for a better quality of life and reducing your environmental impact on the world

Settling down for good

We help growing families who want to extend and add great value to their detached property. Our 5-step process will help you add value to your home.


Step 1 - Research


Step 2 - Ideas


Step 3 - Permission


Step 4 - Technical


Step 5 - Build it

Ultimate Guide to Building your Dream Home

Download our FREE guide to help you understand the process of designing an extension or garden out-building. We’ve included the expected expenses, situations that could arise and more.

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"Mark was generous with his time and gave us a fresh perspective on our small project""

Simon & Alethea Ghent

"I am so pleased I took the time to talk to Mark and to work with him recently"

Lisa Holroyd

"My wife and I were extremely impressed with Mark’s knowledge and suggestions"

Gino Fox


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