Eco-friendly homes to live in forever more

Homes designed to cater for your present and future needs in stunning, architecturally designed spaces that are kind to you and the environment.


Retired or approaching retirement?

During this special time of your life when time no longer equals money, does your home live up to your highest expectations and dreams?

Many of the clients we work with have similar experiences that are often an incentive for them to embark on a bespoke new-build home project

Does this feel familiar?

  • The place that you once loved is changing  
  • You worry about rising energy costs and want security in the future
  • Wellbeing is important and you want stronger connections with nature and the outside 
  • You want your home to be easy to live in as you age  
  • You want to accommodate family visits without feeling confined or cramped 
  • Your health is important and you want to live in a home without pollutants

Tailoring the solution to you

Children have flown the nest and retirement is looming, or perhaps already upon you. It’s time to be kind to you, and to our planet. Your next home should be everything you have always dreamed of.  We have a deep understanding and love for environmental design, we’ll make your dream home a reality.

Here’s what you will benefit from:

  • Live in a home built from healthy natural materials 
  • Save on heating costs and feel secure about where your energy is coming from
  • Stunningly beautiful crafted spaces to suit your lifestyle
  • Inspirational and contemporary design that will age beautifully
  • Our future-proofing design approach will let you comfortably 'age in place'
  • Increase your health and wellbeing and benefit from biophilic design principles


Settling down for good

We help people who want to settle down for good and build that forever home they’ve always dreamt about. Our 5-step process will help you live that dream.


Step 1 - Research


Step 2 - Ideas


Step 3 - Permission


Step 4 - Technical


Step 5 - Build it

Ultimate Guide to Building your Dream Home

Download our FREE guide to understand all aspects of a new build project including building costs and potential planning issues.

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"Mark’s designs have been very innovative, making good use of a difficult site. His service has pleased me enormously"

Herb Etkin

"Mark’s contribution has been invaluable. I have recommended him to others and would be happy to work with him again"

Ruth Stoton

"Mark has been very straight-forward and professional and has given me sound practical advice"

Roger Ross


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